Get Sample Maid’s 7-Day Weekly Chore Schedule

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First time hiring a maid? Some employers can be at a loss or overwhelmed with what tasks to assign to their newly hired maid.

Fret not, we’re here to help!

Here are some ideas of what a weekly schedule can look like for your helper.

1. Monday – Laundry Day

Monday is a good day to get started on laundry from the previous week. As Monday is always busy for the family, it is good to get a heads up on the clothing situation when everyone is out.

2. Tuesday – Marketing Day

Most markets will open from Tuesday onwards. Get your maid to restock on the essential items, meats, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fish, rice, noodles and the like.

Remember to give her a written list of items and also an allocated budget, as wet markets don’t give you receipts.

3. Wednesday – Cleaning of House

Use Wednesday to tackle major cleaning operations around the house – mopping and vacuuming, as well as mirrors and glass windows.

4. Thursday – Odd Job Day

Use this day to fix items such as broken handles, rearrange items in the store room or kitchen cabinets, learn a new recipe.

5. Friday – Bathroom Day

Use this day to clean the toilets, including

  • sinks
  • toilet bowls
  • shower glass
  • unclog the drain for hair
  • bathroom mirrors
  • rearranging of cabinet items in toilet

6. Saturday – Cooking

Since most of the family is back home on Saturday, spend it cooking up new dishes for the family.

Use this chance to teach your maid recipes that you would like her to cook on weeknights as well.

Take note of any missing ingredients she can buy on the next Tuesday’s marketing day.

7. Sunday – Off / Rest Day

Give your maid some time off to wind down, call her family.

Let her physically and emotionally recharge for the week ahead!